Monday, April 4, 2016

The bilateral cooperation on weather modification for rain-making and rain enhancement in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by His Majesty King Bhumibol's Royal Rainmaking Technology of the Kingdom of Thailand.

"Long Live HM King Abdullah" "Long Live HM King Bhumibol"




"Long Live HRH Prince Feisal"  

Head of the Royal Commission for Water,
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
( HRH is seen auspiciously chaired the meeting in 2014, kindly granted an audience to us rainmaking experts and concerned people in the project, at the center of top section of the photo below. )

The Timeline :             

'The Kingdom of Thailand's King Bhumibol's Royal Rainmaking Technology is being transferred to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.'

By the request from His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan: - the international collaboration, which actually started earlier some few years ago on all protocals, pre-investigative, investigative, observation, feasibility studies, and Royal Rainmaking's E&HIA studies, as well as all required training programs during the past years; is being carried out nicely in Amman on all preparations - all equipments, facilities, and personnel prior to the very soon very meaningful first actual flight on rainmaking and rain enhancement operation to be flown aimed to add up greater amount of total surface rainfalls for King Talal reservoir.

Seen in the pictures are some of the happy rainmaker-counterparts from both countries busy at work.

" Thanking you all for making it possible for all too. "

Good luck & all the very best to everyone,

Captain Chititewan Devakul


With the bilateral MOU signed, His Majesty King Bhumibol's Royal Rainmaking Technology of the Kingdom of Thailand is fully being transferred to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to enhance more rainfalls which is responsible by the Jordanian Meteorological Department and by 
the Royal Jordanian Air Force on flight operations.

Thank you all and good luck & all the very best to all,

Captain Chititewan Devakul


These beautiful heart friendly people ( the three gentlemen in the upper right of the above most bottom picture, including many more who were not photo-captured in the substances preparation and loading team ) worked tirelessly for their beautiful country in an effort to bring more needed annual rainfalls to the country to increase socio-economic activities and for all under the sovereignty of this wonderful land. 
We really appreciate and would like 
to admire their patriotic senses and minds. 
That is very important for all nations " unity " .

Best of all the very best to everyone,

Captain Chititewan Devakul


Congratulations !!!   to all involved honorable people, Jordanians - Thais, who have worked tirelessly to make it come true for the benefits of all honorable people in the regions as well. We all have learnt so much in so many aspects in these scientific fields and the 
inter-relationship of all the concerned  matters. 

Good luck & all the very best for the success, 

Captain Chititewan Devakul

( Thanks much to 'Jordan Times' 30 March 2016 for 
the good report and also the local newspaper
in Arabic, )



To me I just really love and appreciate the motto, commitment, ideology, written at the entrance of the National Forecasting and Observing Center, located at SE side of the Amman Civil Airport, of the Jordan Meteorological Department. 

From now on I personally think, imagine, and believe that the honourable people here also take action in a kind of a ' relief ' to adverse weather condition, and not just issuing, forecasting, and providing predictions and warnings as well as reporting the weather but they are now also exploring the science and art of cloud physics and weather modification to be applied and used at the right times and right places to possibly bring out more needed annual rainfalls amounts as well. 
This is truly awesome.

Good luck and all the very best to all honourable people of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

Captain Chititewan Devakul

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Long Long Live His Majesty the King"

In commemoration of the most auspicious occasion of

our most beloved His Majesty King Bhumibol's 88th Birthday, December 5th, 2015.




Rain-making and rain-enhancement operations in Thailand are done by means
of world-wide patented Royal Rainmaking Technology's know-how and expertise
invented and developed

by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

and M.R.Teparit Devakul under direct royal command, for all humankind, dated long
back in history, recognized by the World Meteorological Organizationand World Health Organization through Department of Public Hygiene and EHIA by leading universities.

Some small amounts, in ratio compared to the enormous mass and energy of rain clouds, of environmental friendly natural substances of non-toxic materials such as Sodium Chloride based materials and some other hygroscopic substances are in general typically used as nuclei for moisture to gather and further develop to yield more droplets, enlarge rain clouds size, prolong rain duration, and induce the formation of new rain cloud - cells,
as well as ordinary dry-ice in chipped-flakes to stimulate condensation which all are affected only with single cluster of rain clouds in just certain areas in order to increase more needed rain water over intended target catchments in the country."

All the best,

Captain M.L. Chititewan Devakul